Making “Me” Time

I try to.

I plan to.

I really do want to.

Something always gets in the way.

I make lists and schedules and sometimes plot to have a few hours for relaxing, or working on jewelry, or reading, or going in the pool, or, in this case, using gift certificates for spa treatments!

iStock_000006737996XSmall[1]The key I have slowly learned (and often need to relearn) is to plan that time and those activities FIRST thing in the day, not later in the day. Life and work and “shoulds” have a way of nibbling away at “Me” time (it’s a downside to working for yoursef, especially in these economic times…work is work and customer service is king). “I’ll just take one more look at that project,” or “That took a little longer than I planned and I still need to get to XXXXXX”. Pretty soon, it’s dinner time and later still.

My daughter has been at camp the last 3 weeks and I had such plans for decluttering the upstairs, reorganizing the office, working on jewelry projects and learning new skills…I got her room done (no small task so I am giving myself full credit there) and some work done in the garage (still can’t fit a second car in there), but I’ve had lots of book projects (new ones and ones that just haven’t reached completion) and the days have dwindled down.

I’ve gotten better at multitasking on the computer, but I’ve always been good at that…if you see me on Facebook, you can bet I’ve got several other windows open with “real” work. Networking is real work too, not to mention many days it’s my only social input!

But I digress….I was talking about scheduling time for you (or me) early in the day BEFORE anyone else gets it. And so I have! I’m headed to a spa this morning to use a nearly expired gift certificate for a facial, pedicure and massage. My friend, Deb, is going to use the pedicure as I managed to get one in last week when I made plans to meet a dear friend who lives all of 25 minutes away and we haven’t seen each other in 6 months!

I love being pampered…I think most of us do. I think many of us (I am probably the poster child) don’t allow ourselves to enjoy it. I know money comes into play, but most of mine come as gifts or from bidding at charity events, so it’s crazy not to indulge! Deadlines will be met and life will go on…and my pores will be open and my shoulders relaxed!

Next up: Taking a long weekend WITHOUT the laptop…can it be done?


2 responses to “Making “Me” Time

  • Mallory

    It’s so nice to be pampered, isn’t it! We dearly need that “me” time. Glad you are finding some balance. Good luck with that long weekend without the lap top!

  • Suz

    Glad you got some ‘me’ time. I’ve never had a spa treatment – facial etc. Maybe its something I should try. Having acrylic nails done for a special occasion is the closest I’ve come…

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