Checking in….

Well, that was a long drought. Not sure what happened. I lost the momentum on posting here in my blog. Between keeping up on two Etsy stores, and a couple of forums, and Facebook, not to mention actually making jewelry plus the book design business…Well, I had to sleep sometime!

School is out til early August and Emma is having fun at a camp a few hours away. I had big plans for decluttering several rooms in the house, but I’ve gotten busy again with The Printed Page work. Since that pays the bills more than Joolz do, you have to be realistic. I still plan to get some decluttering done. Emma’s room…Joe’s endless supply of shirts….excess books.

I did spend a wonderful 5 days in Crossville, TN earlier in June with 20 of my beady friends. We had a great time. I learned to knit again (thanks, BJ!) and am almost finished with the most heavenly shawl of soft, dreamy cotton yarn. BJ was also responsible for giving me my first start with Art Clay Silver. I’ve wanted to work with it for awhile but didn’t want to jump in without some training. In between that, I made some beads in the garage studio that Angie Ramey and Verna Hedgecoth set up for Bead Camp. Watched lots of lovely beads being born and traded for amazing beads from friends. Very relaxing (while not much sleep was involved!).


Here’s a pic of some of my handmade beads (little cubes of wispy shades of pink Gaffer Glass) and my ACS earrings. I know I’ll be working on more pieces out of Art Clay.


I’ve got ideas for Art Clay pieces and Melonhead Joolz. Stay tuned.

I’m hoping to update the blog once or twice a week again. And my friends are encouraging me to look at Twitter. We’ll see. Meanwhile, I’ve got some work to do today and then some knitting and also Joolz. Oh, and a peach cobbler to put together. I’ll post that recipe next time!

Thanks for hanging around!


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