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Got my Soup Ingredients!

The postal service was good to me yesterday…checks from clients and soup ingredients from my BSBP partner Nancy Peterson!

Nancy sent me a gorgeous beaded bracelet in a new design called “Diamondback”. It fits perfectly and is something I would never attempt myself!

Isn’t it gorgeous! And the beaded focal bead in the center is a secondary challenge from Nancy. I’m thinking it might lend itself to a ring topper of sorts…we’ll see. On to the soup!

Here’s a photo of the goods:

There are a bunch of yummy turqoise chips in shades of teals and blue greens, some deep navy (or black) faceted beads, very cool copper ovals. And look at that key/lock clasp! I’ve never seen one like it. And the focal is really unusual. It’s signed on the back “KM Roedo” (at least that’s what it looks like). I haven’t found the source by googling so if anyone recognizes it, Nancy and I would love to know. 🙂

I’m going to start some sketches tonight. Leaning toward a bracelet this round.

And here is a blurry phone photo of what I sent Nancy. I took the opportunity to release some of my stash of seed beads where they will actually get used! For someone who doesn’t do much seed beading, I have a lot of tubes left! And I also freed some interesting stones that might make focals for seed bead projects for Nancy in the future. I sent a large etched brass clasp from my Metal Me This store and some lampwork beads by Koregon that seemed to fit with the colors that Nancy is drawn to. Can’t wait to see what she comes up with!



More Random Holiday Stuff

The big tree has starting to get decorated. I left instructions that Emma work on it tonight while I was at a holiday party (complete with silly gift exchange…more later).

 I told Margot that I would take a picture of THE TREE and here are the pics…this is the beaded wire tree that I actually did TWICE after selling the original model. It will become a family heirloom…because I will never do a third!


And here’s a semi closeup…


Loops and loops of wired seed beads making up the branches and a hundred or more teensy tiny ornaments attached to the wire branches. Oh to have both that eyesight and that patience again! (I’ll measure it later so you have a perspective of size)

The Gift Exchange: Picture 65 women in a relatively small space all with gifts in the $25 range (there are always those who can’t follow the rules!). One steal rule as we took 4 hours one night a few years ago with 3 steals! I had #54 and could settle in to watch the action and plan my strategy. No strategy really other than not ending up with something I wouldn’t want to have or feel good about regifting next year!

Somewhere around #42, my friend Susan’s gift is revealed…a campy purse made of gumwrappers…totally unique and slightly tacky…purchased from a shop in Rocky Point, Mexico…I HAD to have it. Person #42 seemed less than thrilled with it (you can tell how someone holds a gift during an exchange whether they really want it or they are dying for someone to take it off their hands). Silently I kept watch…no interest…the numbers tick by. #52…I’m almost there when WHAM! Someone gets stolen from and starts looking around at what’s available. She zeroes in on the purse and snatches it right out from under me. Who made that stupid 1 steal rule! I’m toast. And my strategy is shot. Sigh.

That’s a lot of seed beads!

“One should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art”.

I stole this saying and will probably use it again…neither sentiment really applies with this picture, but it is the most seed beads you will likely see anywhere near me any time soon. And I think it falls into the “work of art” category.

My daughter is a freshman in high school and this was part of a Latin project that she worked on most of the weekend. Her dad and I helped with some gluing as it got a bit tedious (neatness really counts!), but Emma selected the drawing, traced and modified it for the mosaic, chose the bead colors and glued all the Cupid ones in place, along with much of the background. Great job, honey! (I’ll rant about school projects some other time).


(Yes, she did fill the gaping hole near the “P”). It is on an 18×18 stone tile and weighs a ton!