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TTOTW: What’s on the Wish List?

Welcome to Tuesday Tool of the Week.  Today’s tool is actually a pair of tools that are sitting in my wishlist on the Rio Grande website.

I need to move them out of there and get them on my bench as I know they would make the process of making these metal cuff bracelets much easier.

Can you guess what I’m talking about?

I’ll tell you: a bracelet mandrel and forming pliers (there’s a few other things on the wish list but then aren’t there always?)

The bracelet mandrel is holding me up at the moment because I can’t decide on oval or round and steel or cast iron…thoughts, comments, suggestions, jeers?

It’s clear that I need one as I’ve got big plans for these etched metal cuffs…just need to decide and order.

The forming pliers have intrigued me for awhile and isn’t that enough reason to have a pair?

What’s on your Tools Wish List?

TTOTW: Digital Protection

Sexy title, no?

Not sure how it got to be 5 days since my last post, but I’ve been busy…cutting close to 700 beadcaps and taking a cake decorating class with my daughter (more on that later) and trying to stay cool.

All the metal working takes a rough toll on the hands and especially the fingers. I’m currently looking at 5 or 6 minor cuts on 3 fingers on my left hand…all from the edges of sheet metal or fishing through scrap (also another blog post). I only remember one of those cuts…the rest? Very tiny, but very there.

This Tuesday’s “Tool of the Week” could help with protecting the fingers from the sharp edges, but I don’t usually use it that way. I use it to pad the fingers from the other metal working “danger”: Heat.  Working with small metal objects and a fast spinning flexshaft tool equals hot metal and that HURTS.

Enter Alligator Tape! Available all over the internet, various tool suppliers, Etsy, etc. The link here is from Otto Frei, one of numerous online jewelry supply sites that I love to frequent. This stuff is great. I have my friend, Angie Ramey, to thank for telling me about it. It’s actually from the medical industry, used as bandage material. And it works great for wrapping around fingers (there’s the “digital” connection) for protection. My photo includes a big padded finger cap that I wear on at least 2 fingers and sometimes three, depending on what I’m doing. It’s a little comical to try and work on small metal objects with club fingers, but I’ve managed a routine that works and keeps my fingers from melting!

The tape sticks to itself, but not to anything else..perfect solution. Thanks, Angie!

Just don’t wrap it too tightly, or you’ll have a circulation problem!


Renovations under way…

Welcome to the updated blog…there’ve been some changes and probably will be more. Change is good, right? (The graphic designer in me can already see I need to make my header image more transparent…it never ends!)

So what’s been going on?

  • Reconfiguring the office/studio for more metalwork…new tools and work areas and a nice shiny red stool! This isn’t a current photo but it will do until daylight. The shelf organizer is now on the left wall and a guillotine cutter is on the right end of the bench. I’ve got plans for a second smaller bench in an “L section” once I figure out what to do with some of the stuff behind the current configuration.


  • Started making and selling original etched metal sheets and bead caps
  • Lots of work on the new Etsy store: Metal Me This
  • Created a new Facebook Page for “Metal Me This
  • A Joolz by Lisa project will be published in WireWork Magazine next month
  • My friend (and awesome beadmaker) Deanna Chase is publishing her first book this month and I worked with her on the layout and cover. Great to incorporate about 4 combined aspects of our lives together! Look for Haunted on Bourbon Street this month!

So does all this focus on metal components mean the end of Joolz by Lisa?

  • Not even close! Just working within the challenges of the economy while expanding my interests and skills. Look for some new Joolz in the coming weeks.

New Stuff: Metal Me This and Mixed Metals

I’m not going to start yet another post lamenting the lack of consistency in my posting…

It’s Saturday morning and heading to 98 degrees here today…the start of many months of similar weather reports. Fortunately I have good A/C and my mostly organized studio area to hide out in when the temps get uncomfortable. Gotta love a great deal from Harbor Freight!

I’ve been working on copper and brass Joolz for awhile and sales have not taken off at the same level and positive comments about the new styles. So I decided to start a new Etsy store to list copper and brass (and a few sterling silver) components that I’ve made: etched beadcaps, etched sheet, etched blank shapes (for pendants, etc.), wire-wrapped beads and connectors, along with some very cool patina’d copper items that will also make their way into new Joolz.

Introducing: Metal Me This! Several bead and jewelry friends helped me decide on a catchy name and Susan Sheehan came up with this one. I worked up a banner and avatar that plays off the mixed metal colors and I’ve been adding items every week.

And it’s time for a sale, so in honor of Mother’s Day and all the wonderful women we call “Mom”, all the Metal Me This items are 20% off on Etsy. Etsy has these cool coupon codes that you use at checkout where the discount is applied to the whole order. Use code TAKE20 from now through tomorrow and 20% savings is yours. Lots of cool etched and patinad stuff in there! Take a look and tell your friends (OK, I know we have moved into the shameless realm, but this stuff is too pretty to stay in a drawer in my workbench!)

Lots of pretty copper and brass beadcaps in various textures and etched patterns, with more coming. There’s also various sized sheets of etched copper and brass for those of you who have your own ideas of using mixed metals. (Don’t tell anyone, but I am really hoping to spend a lot of time tomorrow etching more cool patterns!)

Here’s some of what I’ve been doing with the disks and metals that I’ve been cutting and modifying:

Patina domed disk necklace Joolz by Lisa and Metal Me This

These are almost-finished chunky necklaces…the center domed pair is 1 1/8″ wide.

And these mixed metal bracelets have been a lot of fun to make (and wear). The trick is making each disk component a different pattern!  I’ve got 3 all copper, 3 all brass, and 3 mixed metal ones in the works (another Mother’s Day project I hope!)

Mixed Metals Bracelet Joolz by Lisa and Metal Me This

Wishing all the mothers, mothers-to-be, and those who fill that special place in your heart like a mother would, a lovely day tomorrow.