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TTOTW: Digital Protection

Sexy title, no?

Not sure how it got to be 5 days since my last post, but I’ve been busy…cutting close to 700 beadcaps and taking a cake decorating class with my daughter (more on that later) and trying to stay cool.

All the metal working takes a rough toll on the hands and especially the fingers. I’m currently looking at 5 or 6 minor cuts on 3 fingers on my left hand…all from the edges of sheet metal or fishing through scrap (also another blog post). I only remember one of those cuts…the rest? Very tiny, but very there.

This Tuesday’s “Tool of the Week” could help with protecting the fingers from the sharp edges, but I don’t usually use it that way. I use it to pad the fingers from the other metal working “danger”: Heat.  Working with small metal objects and a fast spinning flexshaft tool equals hot metal and that HURTS.

Enter Alligator Tape! Available all over the internet, various tool suppliers, Etsy, etc. The link here is from Otto Frei, one of numerous online jewelry supply sites that I love to frequent. This stuff is great. I have my friend, Angie Ramey, to thank for telling me about it. It’s actually from the medical industry, used as bandage material. And it works great for wrapping around fingers (there’s the “digital” connection) for protection. My photo includes a big padded finger cap that I wear on at least 2 fingers and sometimes three, depending on what I’m doing. It’s a little comical to try and work on small metal objects with club fingers, but I’ve managed a routine that works and keeps my fingers from melting!

The tape sticks to itself, but not to anything else..perfect solution. Thanks, Angie!

Just don’t wrap it too tightly, or you’ll have a circulation problem!