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TTOTW: What’s on the Wish List?

Welcome to Tuesday Tool of the Week.  Today’s tool is actually a pair of tools that are sitting in my wishlist on the Rio Grande website.

I need to move them out of there and get them on my bench as I know they would make the process of making these metal cuff bracelets much easier.

Can you guess what I’m talking about?

I’ll tell you: a bracelet mandrel and forming pliers (there’s a few other things on the wish list but then aren’t there always?)

The bracelet mandrel is holding me up at the moment because I can’t decide on oval or round and steel or cast iron…thoughts, comments, suggestions, jeers?

It’s clear that I need one as I’ve got big plans for these etched metal cuffs…just need to decide and order.

The forming pliers have intrigued me for awhile and isn’t that enough reason to have a pair?

What’s on your Tools Wish List?