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Belonging is Good…

It’s a big Internet out there!

Lots to see and find and sometimes you get lost in it! Getting around these days for me means finding like-minded people, as well as those who challenge your creativity, and encourage your dreams.

I belong to several special interest groups on Facebook  and a couple of bead/jewelry forums and they each provide value, friendship and camaraderie, and links to some really good stuff!

One of them is Creative Bead Chat which has over 1000 members; all either jewelry designers, bead makers, component creators or just lovers of pretty accessories. All skill levels and experience make up the group and it’s a good way to learn about techniques, styles, colors, and new products. One of the fun things for me is when I can meet some of the members of my online groups in real life. That happened at Bead & Button in June and again at BeadFest in August.

Groups like CBC have people managing things behind the scenes and out front. Keeping the chaos in check, so to speak. At CBC that group includes these ladies. I met Marla James of Marla’s Mud and Melinda Orr (founder of CBC) of Melinda Orr Designs at bead shows. Karen Totten of Starry Road Studio and I sat at the same dinner one night and completely missed meeting each other…a fact we laughed about after the fact. Rounding out the admins are Keirsten Giles of Lune Designs and Marla Gibson of Spice Box Designs.

Keep up the good work, ladies! I’m off to ship some orders!