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I’m a Bead Star!

bead-star-logo-72 I’m a BeadStar!


After months of keeping the information under wraps, I can finally announce that I’m a BeadStar! My entry in the Hearts category of BeadingDaily.com’s contest received First Place. The BeadStar contest is sponsored by Interweave Press and BeadingDaily.com. I’m very pleased with not only the necklace, but with the honor and can hardly believe I won in the first beading contest I entered. This could be the boost my creative side needs to get going again with new designs.

Some of you might remember voting online for my Hill Tribe Hearts “Hearts Galore” necklace and my “Golden Animal Attraction” lampwork glass bracelet several months ago. Your votes helped get me to the Finals with other deserving entries. I am grateful to all of you for voting and passing on my request to your friends and family as well.

Here is another picture of my winning entry:


I was thrilled to be chosen a First Place Winner in the Hearts category and one of 9 considered for the Grand Prize (that honor went to Valerie Aharoni from New York for the lovely seed bead necklace that graces the cover of the inaugural issue of BEAD STAR magazine).


My necklace will be featured in the new magazine, Bead Star, that will be in bead stores and book stores next Monday (December 15, 2008) and I’ll receive a $1,000 prize! Not sure yet if it is in the form of money or goods, but WOW! It’s an early Christmas gift no matter how you look at it.

So what happens to the winning necklace?

Jewelry pieces marked “Auction Item” in the magazine have been donated by their designers to auctions in March 2009 to benefit the American Heart Association’s women’s heart-health initiatives. All auction items will be on display at Bead Fest Santa Fe, March 12-15, 2009. Interweave will host a silent auction for five of the pieces live at the event on March 14 and 15, while the rest of the jewelry will be auctioned on eBay from March 6-16. Look for the symbols “Auction Item – ebay” and “Auction Item – Bead Fest” throughout the magazine to see which pieces can be bid on to benefit this worthy cause.

More Details From Interweave

The Bead Star contest kicked off back in April 2008 with a call for designs made with simple stringing, crimping, and wireworking techniques. The Bead Star editorial offices received more than 1,000 unique entries, which the editors of Stringing and Beadwork magazines culled down to 180 finalists—20 per category. From there, nearly 10,000 Beading Daily members voted on their favorites in each category, which ultimately made it into this all-star publication.

A first-place, second-place, and third-place winner and two honorable mentions were awarded in each of nine design element categories: Crystals, Seed Beads, Glass, Pearls, Stones, Metals, Plastics, Designs Under $25, and Designs with a Heart. All first place prizes are valued at $1,000, second place prizes are valued at $500, and third place prizes are valued at $250. All honorable mentions were sponsored by Interweave and winners received a complimentary one-year subscription to an Interweave jewelry magazine of their choice—Beadwork, Jewelry Artist, Step by Step Beads, Step by Step Wire Jewelry, or Stringing.

Information and contest rules for next year’s Bead Star 2009 contest will be posted on the magazine’s website, BeadStar.com, on December 16.

Here’s a complete list of winners:
Valerie Aharoni, for her seed-bead necklace “Gild & reGild,” sponsored by Fire Mountain Gems and Beads (Prize valued at $5,000)

Kirsten Salem: 1st place sponsored by K. Gottfried, Inc.
Bonnie Hjerppe: 2nd place sponsored by Step by Step Beads magazine
Tiffany Quint: 3rd place sponsored by FusionBeads.com
Kristal Wick: Honorable Mention sponsored by Interweave
Abi Collins: Honorable Mention sponsored by Interweave

Samela Dorey: 1st place sponsored by Beadaholique.com
Susan Shannon: 2nd place sponsored by Stringing magazine
Andrew Thornton: 3rd place sponsored by Step by Step Beads magazine
Erin Strother: Honorable Mention sponsored by Interweave
Patricia Dugmore: Honorable Mention sponsored by Interweave

Lisa Liddy: 1st place sponsored by Beadwork magazine
Heather Powers: 2nd place sponsored by Shipwreck Beads
Debra Kallen: 3rd place sponsored by VenetianBeadShop.com
Cassie Donlen: Honorable Mention sponsored by Interweave
Tracy Van Voorst: Honorable Mention sponsored by Interweave

Ann Marie Hodrick: 1st place sponsored by The Bead Goes On
Jennifer Cunningham: 2nd place sponsored by Monsterslayer.com
Ann Marie C. J. Crosmun: 3rd place sponsored by Vintaj Natural Brass Co.
Susan White: Honorable Mention sponsored by Interweave
Melissa Fortner: Honorable Mention sponsored by Interweave

Christopher McLachlan: 1st place sponsored by Merchants Overseas
Steph Kexel: 2nd place sponsored by Beaded Impressions
Mary E Dawn: 3rd place sponsored by Stringing magazine
Heather Powers: Honorable Mention sponsored by Interweave
Samantha Kilgore: Honorable Mention sponsored by Interweave

Bonnie Hjerppe: 1st place sponsored by The Beadin’ Path
Darlene Jones: 2nd place sponsored by Step by Step Beads magazine
Doris Coghill: 3rd place sponsored by Natural Touch Resin Beads
Carina Moreno: Honorable Mention sponsored by Interweave
Amanda Klimek: Honorable Mention sponsored by Interweave

Valerie Aharoni: 1st place sponsored by Miyuki Glass Beads
Kelly Jarvis: 2nd place sponsored by Tambrook Bead & Trade
Lola Surwillo: 3rd place sponsored by Jane’s Fiber and Beads
Susan Shannon: Honorable Mention sponsored by Interweave
Carrie McMahon: Honorable Mention sponsored by We got the Bead

Ann Marie Hodrick: 1st places sponsored by Lima Beads
Wendee Brandenburg: 2nd place sponsored by Zarlene Imports
Meredith Duers: 3rd place sponsored by Cherry Tree Beads
Marcella Austenfeld: Honorable Mention sponsored by Interweave
Edna Lucille Hendrickson: Honorable Mention sponsored by Interweave

Myra Fierro: 1st place sponsored by Beadalon
Christina Rondeau: 2nd place sponsored by Step by Step Wire Jewelry
Darlene Jones: 3rd place sponsored by Beading Daily
Erin Beutel: Honorable Mention sponsored by Interweave
Lori Mendenhall: Honorable mention sponsored by Interweave

Vote! Beading Daily “Bead Star” Contest!

I entered a contest at the Beading Daily website with three pieces and 2 of them made it to the “finals”. You can vote ONE time with your email address and only between now and June 18th. I read that there were about 1500 entries so to be in the finals is thrilling!

Here is the link: http://beadingdaily.com/beadstar/

I have Entry #12 in the GLASS category (animal print bracelet with gold Hill Tribe accents) and #8 in HEARTS (silver Hill Tribe hearts necklace).

You do need to vote in each category and then click DONE at the end. Hope you’ll vote for me. Thanks!

Here are the rules:
It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for—the time to cast your vote for the next bead stars! The judges have already narrowed down their selections to the top twenty entries in each of the nine categories: crystals, seed beads, glass, pearls, stones, metals, plastics, under $25, and designs with heart. Now you hold the power to decide who will achieve Bead Star fame!

The five entries in each category that receive the most votes from members of Beading Daily will be named as first place, second place, third place, and two honorable-mention winners. The grand-prize sponsor will choose one of the nine first-place winners as the grand-prize winner. Winners will be announced in Bead Star magazine, available on newsstands worldwide at the end of December 2008.

Voting Instructions: To cast your vote, click through the following pages and choose your one favorite entry in each category. At the end of each category you will find a pull-down menu where you can select your favorite entry. After selecting your favorite entry, click “next” and you will be taken to the next category. The program will guide you through the selection process. When you have finished casting your votes for all of the categories, click “done.” Please note that your votes will not be submitted until you click “done.” In the spirit of fairness and friendly competition, please vote only once and from only one e-mail address.