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Color Me This on it’s Way!

Wow…it’s been a wild couple of weeks…

First things, first. The winner of the free Color Me This sample pack is Melissa Mesara of One-Eared Pig. Congratulations!

I’m headed to Philadelphia tomorrow for BeadFest where I’ll be demonstrating and selling Color Me This Sample Packs and also plain etched sheets (so you can color your own!), plus my new embellished cuffs and some other etched, colorized components. Join me at Booth 555 if you are at the show and say “Hi!”

Color Me This Sample Pack

I’ve got a batch of them listed on Etsy in case you can’t make it to Philly this time. They will ship next week Tuesday or Wednesday when I return home. And later this month I’ll be adding larger sizes of the sample colors that can be purchased singly, as well as some 3-packs. Plus new colors on the way too.

There’s a photo album on my Facebook page where samples of your work will reside. Just post a photo on my wall and I’ll move it to the photo album. I’m excited to see what creative uses you find for the colors. And I’m already getting great feedback about the ease-of-use and results from the initial buyers. Plus, I’ll have feedback about additional sealers that are working for people. That gives some alternatives to my recommendations…people aren’t always able to find PermaLac locally or out of the country.

I mentioned “embellished cuffs” and I’ve been having a blast with them…here’s a couple that I’ve shown on Facebook. They are headed to BeadFest, too. I love the direction they are taking me and can’t wait to continue with them.

Embellished Cuff with Color Me This Turquoise Patina

And here’s another one in more of a steampunk, industrial look:

Embellished Cuff with Color Me This Spruce Green Patina (not released yet)

Countdown to BeadFest Texas

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks (months) between travel to Colorado, a three-fold increase in book projects, and trying to get ready for my first Metal Me This show in Dallas (this coming weekend!).

I’m down to 72 hours left before my flight on Thursday and things are looking so-s0. Still lots and lots to do and some of it just isn’t going to get done.

The beadcaps that look the same color as the tray still need cleaning up, but in reality, that can happen on the plane or the night before the show, or during the 3 days of the show. And there’s bags and bags of ones already packaged up.

I’ve always been a master at multi-tasking and finding more productive ways of eking a few more hours out of a day…It’s when I have to leave my fate in the hands of others that things get dicey.

I’ve done numerous jewelry shows over the years and have enough display pieces for 2 to 3 eight-foot tables…unfortunately, only about 3 of those display pieces are useful with this new endeavor. So I knew I’d need to reconfigure things and come up with effective displays, that would travel well (e.g. flat and lightweight!).  No biggie…right? I found some perfect displays and was told they’d be done in plenty of time…and that’s the last I heard. (The downside of relying on someone else…actually two different “someone elses”…)

I’m staying with a bead friend north of Dallas this weekend. BJ generously opened her home to myself and two other friends who are traveling in for BeadFest. BJ also understood that the main focus of my sales were my handmade, etched beadcaps and that I needed something to effectively display the zillions (OK…that’s an exaggeration, but there are dozens and dozens of styles and sizes and slapping them in a big bowl like Halloween candy wasn’t an option!). She got the design specs out of me, refined them with her background in measuring stained glass, and recruited a retired neighbor to build me a couple of displays. Talk about the upside of relying on someone else! Here’s the result:

Add some cup hooks and some price signs plus rows and rows of bags of beadcaps…and it folds flat and is reasonably lightweight.

You can’t imagine my relief! The rest of the table set-up exists on my phone in a photo of little paper cutouts somewhat to scale…I’ll be winging it much more than I like, but thanks to BJ’s thoughtfulness and her handy neighbor, I’m on the right track!

I hope if you’re in the Dallas area, you’ll stop by booth 607 this Friday through Sunday at the Arlington Convention Center. Here’s a link for a free pass.

Free pass HERE.

Time to get back to the books…more production photos tomorrow maybe…

Mixing up the Metals

If you saw my post yesterday, it was a chaotic pile of shiny copper and brass domed disks….That pile is long gone (in fact I’m off to cut some more shortly) and the fruits of my labor are nearly ready for the show.

Here’s a few pics of the results.

I love how this turned out and there are matching earrings just waiting for earwires.

This one doesn’t feature disks, but it does have a lot of rivets/eyelets in it…I got a new tool last month and this was an idea that was rolling around my head. Still need to figure out how I want to finish it and then add patina.

Back to the bench. I’ve got about 30 pair of sterling earwires to finish off.

Shiny, Shiny, Shiny

I’m in overdrive mode getting ready for my one big show of the year: ArtXtravaganza in Knoxville. I hope to be able to travel more to great shows like this one in the next year.

Anyway, here’s a sneek peak at some of what I’ve been up to.

These have since been put into a design, assembled, and were just patina’d. Lots of work left, but when the tumbling is through, I should have about a dozen pairs of earrings, 3 or 4 bracelets, and about 4 or 5 neckpieces (they are a little extreme to be called necklaces…)

My nails are a mess and I’ve removed layers of fingerprints in the process, but I’m pretty excited with how this new line has come out. More later.

2011…Time for changes

Happy New Year!

One of my resolutions is to resurrect my blog. 2010 wasn’t a very good year for updates. Creativity ebbed more than flowed and life just got in the way.

Sales were off with the economy’s downturn and at some point I made a decision to add copper jewelry to the mix. It’s been a journey, and to be honest, it’s hard to say it’s been a success yet. Here are a couple of photos of what I’ve been up to. The copper rings have been fun to make and they are great for short bursts of creative time and energy. You can see a whole line of copper jewelry in my Etsy store.


But, I’ve started off the new year by finally setting up a dedicated work area (and reclaiming my kitchen table and window seat). My book design office is a 10×20 foot room, that could have been our 3rd garage stall (except that we only had one car when we built the house and 3 stalls seemed crazy). Half of that room has had a large corner computer desk setup intended to be a way to stay on top of my daughter’s computer use and for homework. She’s a senior and in no way interested in being in the same room as me for enough time to warrrant that dusty, neglected work area!

So…I spent much of the Christmas/New Years week clearing out stuff (to the garage…which is another story altogether…we have 2 garage stalls, 2 cars and only 1 fits in the garage). I decided the computer workstation could be a great work area…shelves, left and right hand space. There was already a side work table that became a clutter-catcher. Lots of space to fill, and boy, did I fill it!

As with all good makeover stories, there should be before and after photos. I ALWAYS remember that at the “After” part.  What I have are “In Progress” shots with sketchy light.

 The left side has magazines and books along with the finished Joolz travel cases. I’ve got some of my stash of lampwork beads in the drawers and some out where I can see them.

The right side has Art Clay Silver supplies, a huge Swarovski stash (and I rarely use them so they may get sold off…) that fit so nicely in this very cool spice rack from Bed Bath and Beyond. There’s also a few trays of copper and silver findings for work in progress now


Santa was nice and contributed a great storage solution from Michaels scrapbook section (which just needs to be pulled forward a skosh so I don’t have to stand up everytime I need a container). I can’t believe it is full to the brim and I still need to organize my Hill Tribe Silver a bit more.

I’ve set up a metalworking area on my right (the former clutter-catcher table) and it should be almost perfect when I get a better chair in place. This area has been updated since the photo…the flexshaft is attached and the ribbons have a new home…the kiln doesn’t get much use at the moment so it’s a become a bit of a catchall.

I moved in another multi-drawer storage cabinet from the dining room (at one time another work area) and actually filled it with materials…a pearl drawer, supplies, miscellaneous jewelry that hasn’t been priced, natural stones, and more lampwork beads. It is right behind the work area and I’m thinking of adding the second one I have on top at some point.

The carpet needs to come out and quite frankly, I’ll pull half of it out myself and just deal with the concrete for the time being. The whole room needs painting, and that’s part of what has always held this transformation back. I’ve got two huge bookcases full of books I’ve designed for publishers, not to mention the other whole side of the office with computers, printer, scanner, etc. Moving all that out to paint would require a temporary office space to stay in business (but the kitchen table is now clear…hmmm……..). So that’s a project for another month/year.

Right now, I’m focused on getting new Joolz completed for the Webb School ArtXtravaganza in early March in Knoxville.  And I’ve just signed up for the Bead Soup Exchange orchestrated by Lori Anderson so hopefully these will also provide me the incentive to do better with blog updates. For now, I’m going to shoot for every other week, though I’ve also thought about adding a review of books related to beading and jewelry…I’ve managed to acquire quite of few new ones of late.

In any event, I hope in time, I’ll have lured back som of the readers I’ve lost over the last year.