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Ornament Thursday: Heliotrope by any other name is my favorite color (Purple)

ornamentbanner150It’s Ornament Thursday again!

The theme this month is “Heliotrope”, which I was pretty sure was a shade of purple. In fact, it’s a “light tint of purple”. I immediately thought of these beads, which I made into this fun necklace. Susan Sheehan made these pinwheel glass beads and I’ve loved the color. But then I am a fan of purple in all shades.


It looks more light purple in person so blame my photo skills. The glass “wheel” beads are just a lot of fun. But then when I was looking further, I thought maybe Heliotrope is more like this color:


More of Susan’s beads in a whimsical pair of earrings. You just can’t help but smile at purple. And these beads are probably truer to looking like the flower in the heliotrope plant.

In case you have doubts, here’s a true heliotrope plant. Looking at it, I guess the color is somewhere in between both of my examples. 🙂

File:Heliotropium peruvianum.jpg

Image from

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Ornament Thursday: Celeste (Ice Blue)

ornamentbanner150Welcome to OT 2009! The Ornament Thursday group has lots planned this year all around unusual colors and color names. This month kicks it off with the theme “Celeste” and our projects center around a pale, icy blue shade.

celeste1With most of the country in the throes of cold weather and ice storms, it seemed appropriate to start off with a color that reflects that feeling! Even here in Phoenix, the temps hovered at a chilly 44 all morning (Don’t hate me! My blood is thin.). I thought this image…”.

You can see pale blue in this image, and yet the object in the image is was began in the farthest thing from icy…red, hot fire! It’s a glass, lampwork bead made by Kaye Husko and out of the fire came “ice” in the form of these beads, cold and sparkly with a pale blue cast.  Bits of silver melted in as well, ending in hard jewels of glass.




From there, they made their way to this bracelet, wired with sterling silver and hammered rings. Glittering and hard as ice!


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Ornament Thursday: Holiday Sparkle Fan Pull

ornamentbanner150Welcome to another Thursday of ornaments and decorative items for the holidays!

I’ve got a sparkly red fan pull to dress up a ceiling fan or lamp switch for the holidays.


This beauty starts with a handmade glass lampwork bead…this one is by Fay Katherine, an online bead friend.  It is swirly red glass and sparkly silver dichro glass encased in clear. I’ve wired it with sterling silver wire onto a fan pull finding. Add a couple of Bali silver beadcaps and a silver spacer and you’ve got a one-of-a-kind decorator item. Great for gifts too!

Here’s another angle:


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It’s Ornament Thursday!

ornamentbanner150Wow…this week is flying by and with all the excitement of the BeadStar contest announcement, I’m a bit late with an ornament for this week’s Ornament Thursday…and again, it’s not one I made! Next week I’ll have one of my own.


Today’s ornament is amazing in my opinion. It’s huge: 4″ in diameter. And it was made just for me by a bunco friend, Diane Baldo, for our Secret Santa exchange. We decided to exchange ornaments instead of traditional gifts this year and Diane made this one specially for me! She’s a crafty scrapbooking gal and I was so touched with the thought she put into this.


The glass ball is sturdy…I have no fear it will get bumped around and break, but it is heavy so it might be a display ornament for me this year until I arrange a “perch” or nest on a branch to support it.

It’s filled with seed beads and then an assortment of other beads: A pearl, a letter “L” bead, a handmade glass bead, a turquoise bead, some crystals and vintage Czech beads, Murano glass, and even one that looks like bone! Diane put little bits of “me” in that ornament and I’ll treasure it! My name and “2008” is also on the ornament in transfer material.


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It’s Ornament Thursday Again: Icicle Time

It’s the Holiday Edition of Ornament Thursday and just like last year, I am not fully prepared. Life got in the way between Thanksgiving and yesterday. So rather than bail on OT entirely this wee, I am using this slot to show off my friend Jodie Ruskin’s very cool holiday icicle ornaments!


Aren’t they amazing! I love what my beady friends do with melting glass and these ornaments are no exception! These are made from boro (borosilicate) glass rods and are about 5″ in length. Imagine the sparkle when the tree lights shine on these as they sway from the branches!

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Open Call! Ornament Thursday for the Holidays

Open Call!

{Yo yo trees by Linda Augsburg}

Ornament Thursday is one year old!

For the month of December, we are opening our doors to invite anyone who loves ornament making to join us in the fun!

Check out some of the details on our blog!

Holiday Tree Trimming Ideas #1

teague-ornamentOrnament Thursday is going to start up with a vengeance every Thursday in December so I’m scrambling to come up with some new ideas. In the meantime I’ve been looking at what some of  my online friends are doing with ornaments in their Etsy shops.

I’ve been looking at this beauty for awhile. It’s handmade by my online friend, Teague, in her glass studio located in Eugene, Oregon. I love the shape and and the bubbling effect in the glass. The stars and the lovely shade of blue just make it a keepsake piece.

The other thing I like is Teague’s suggestion for gifts like this beyond the obvious tree ornament. She says:

“Glass friendship balls have been given between friends and families for centuries. Traditionally they are hung in your windows year round, as a reminder of the sparkle and joy friends bring into your life. Give one to your friend today and feel free to display them year-round.”

What a great sentiment!

And if you are looking to decorate a tree, she’s got such a great variety of handmade ornaments to choose from.