Starting again…

Blogging and I are a prickly pairing…I have good intentions and Lord knows I’m on the computer enough, but something always takes my focus and then here we are 2 months later, vowing to do better.  😉

I’m working on my Bead Soup Blog Party materials for my partner, Nancy Peterson. We both agreed that we were running late and to stop apologizing to each other for that fact. She’s an incredible seed beader so I’m trying to put together soup that challenges her but doesn’t cause her nightmares. Our “toolboxes” likely contain different stashes, supplies, findings, etc. so it will be really interesting to see what each of us comes up with, both to send and create. I’ll post a photo of what I sent after I know Nancy has received it.

In the meantime, check here for some amazing patterns and designs by Nancy!  I’m in awe of those who seed bead!

That’s enough for today….off to set up some drafts for the next week or so. Thanks for hanging in with me. There is a lot going on and I’ll be sharing some of it soon!


One response to “Starting again…

  • Marge

    I soo know what you are saying about not being a good blogger. I really want to blog a lot, am on the computer ALL the time, but never think aboit posting. I’m hopimg that will change with this Bead Soup Blog Party.

    Good luck to you!!

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