Countdown to BeadFest Texas

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks (months) between travel to Colorado, a three-fold increase in book projects, and trying to get ready for my first Metal Me This show in Dallas (this coming weekend!).

I’m down to 72 hours left before my flight on Thursday and things are looking so-s0. Still lots and lots to do and some of it just isn’t going to get done.

The beadcaps that look the same color as the tray still need cleaning up, but in reality, that can happen on the plane or the night before the show, or during the 3 days of the show. And there’s bags and bags of ones already packaged up.

I’ve always been a master at multi-tasking and finding more productive ways of eking a few more hours out of a day…It’s when I have to leave my fate in the hands of others that things get dicey.

I’ve done numerous jewelry shows over the years and have enough display pieces for 2 to 3 eight-foot tables…unfortunately, only about 3 of those display pieces are useful with this new endeavor. So I knew I’d need to reconfigure things and come up with effective displays, that would travel well (e.g. flat and lightweight!).  No biggie…right? I found some perfect displays and was told they’d be done in plenty of time…and that’s the last I heard. (The downside of relying on someone else…actually two different “someone elses”…)

I’m staying with a bead friend north of Dallas this weekend. BJ generously opened her home to myself and two other friends who are traveling in for BeadFest. BJ also understood that the main focus of my sales were my handmade, etched beadcaps and that I needed something to effectively display the zillions (OK…that’s an exaggeration, but there are dozens and dozens of styles and sizes and slapping them in a big bowl like Halloween candy wasn’t an option!). She got the design specs out of me, refined them with her background in measuring stained glass, and recruited a retired neighbor to build me a couple of displays. Talk about the upside of relying on someone else! Here’s the result:

Add some cup hooks and some price signs plus rows and rows of bags of beadcaps…and it folds flat and is reasonably lightweight.

You can’t imagine my relief! The rest of the table set-up exists on my phone in a photo of little paper cutouts somewhat to scale…I’ll be winging it much more than I like, but thanks to BJ’s thoughtfulness and her handy neighbor, I’m on the right track!

I hope if you’re in the Dallas area, you’ll stop by booth 607 this Friday through Sunday at the Arlington Convention Center. Here’s a link for a free pass.

Free pass HERE.

Time to get back to the books…more production photos tomorrow maybe…


3 responses to “Countdown to BeadFest Texas

  • Haley

    Have a great time, Lisa! And best of luck with sales! Your stuff ROCKS! 🙂

  • Lana

    Hello Lisa and welcome to the first virtual craft show…Lori Anderson is one amazing women eh!! it didn’t take me long to hit the fave shop button for sure and i alreday have some things picked out for payday soo i will see you soon…good luck with the craft tour and i am sure you will do really well.
    take care ttfn Lana 🙂

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