Published! Wirework Summer Issue

Sorry about the missing TTOTW post. The computer side of the house has been stealing all the time. Next week!

And I’ve been waiting to post this so I could borrow the Wirework magazine photo of my project, since you know it will be styled better than my photo. But, I’m going to skip ahead and unveil my project from the magazine. If you don’t have the August issue, go out and get it. There’s no subscription to Wirework…it’s a buy or order kind of magazine, loaded with great wire-based projects!

I submitted a copper wire necklace that used a modified version of a pattern that Maria Richmond taught several of us a few years ago at a bead get-together. Cool tangled wire elements and etched lampwork beads by one of my favorite beadmaker friends, Angie Ramey (BeadAddicts).

Maria teaches in Pennsylvania and around the country at BeadFest and will be teaching at Bead & Button in 2012.  Angie and her lovely mama, Vern, have a bead studio in Crossville, TN and sell on Etsy. The necklace is a success because of their input. Thanks ladies!

So, here’s my photo of the finished necklace. It’s very “fall” in the color palette. And copper wire is very popular given the continuing skyrocketing prices of sterling silver (almost $42/oz today). ETA: The magazine project is the necklace on the left…apparently I don’t have a good photo of the necklace without the simple wired pendant next to it. Oh well!

I’m working on my project for the February issue and should have it to the project editor in a couple of weeks. You know I’ll keep you posted on when that issue is published!

I haven’t decided if I’m keeping the necklace or putting it up for sale. Hard to think of autumn when we had another heat advisory day here.


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