Look at What’s Going into My Soup!

It’s been a couple of good days for packages for me: Received the printed copies of my friend Deanna’s new paranormal romance Haunted on Bourbon Street and an huge techy engineering book all about Arc Flashes…both books I did the covers and typesetting for. I also got a very cool tool from Germany that I’m hoping with slight modification will go a long way to saving my hands some grief with bead caps.

But the BEST package was the one that all of this came in. Look at the ingredients I received from Jennifer Geldard! I’m drooling and the ideas are already percolating.

The focal is one of her amazing bird beads and those monsters behind it are matching hollow glass beads. For perspective, the bird is 1.5″ tall by 1″ wide (excluding the beak) and the hollows are from 20mm to 25mm.

In front are some turquoise nuggets and rondelles and some Czech beads.

We both were running about a day behind trying to fine tune our toggles…take a look at what I ended up with! I’m not sure what the materials all are but there’s brass and patinad metal. It’s very lightweight… drilled and riveted and look how it goes with the focal beads!

Rounding out the mix are some seed beads (with holes I can actually see so that’s a plus!) and some cool coral or branch like beads. Glass too I’m assuming…made by Jen? Jump in and correct me, if I’m way off. I’m looking forward to adding some metal beadcaps and a few other elements and seeing what I can cook up!

Be sure to check back for the big Reveal on September 17!


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