TTOTW: Smooth Curves Ahead

It’s still barely Tuesday and so you’ll forgive the boring title? ETA: I thought of something semi-interesting before I got to paragraph 3. Go me!

Can’t believe I didn’t blog since last TTOTW? I know I meant to. I thought I’d have my Bead Soup to blog about and I’m sure it will be here this week so stay tuned. And I meant to blog about the new Wirework magazine which features a necklace from the Joolz by Lisa side of the house, so that will be coming this week, I promise. But apparently I have gone a whole week without a post…and you all have survived. 🙂

So, “Smooth Curves Ahead”? What’s that all about? First the “smooth” part:

These nifty sanding blocks come from my local (as in right around the corner) Foothills Ace Hardware store and they are about $7 for 3 (fine, medium, coarse). They are Ace products and called Block Shape Sanding Sponges and they are perfect for hand finishing different metal projects.

You can see I’ve not given the coarse one much workout, but the other two have made up for it. I’ve even used the fine one to fix a snagged nail, though after a session of etching, hammering, patina, and steel wool, it really is pointless.

I love my local Ace for a couple of reasons: It’s a locally owned store run by a dear friend and her husband (Go Lindy and Kevin!). Their employees don’t look at me funny when I come in with some strange idea pertaining to metalwork and jewelry. My other favorite product here is the steel wool.

Anyway…onto the “curves” part. I found these metal shears on Etsy from Romazone…almost by accident. Wasn’t sure why I needed them but they came in straight and curved and they were only about $19 each so I figured “why not?”  Why not, indeed! They make cutting freehand curved shapes a piece of cake! I have to remember to keep the handles away from the meaty part of my palm or I’ll pinch it occasionally, but otherwise these are a dream to use. I have been cutting etched 20g wire with them and have no complaints (even though I see they say up to 22g). You can see in the last photo how I used them to curve the ends of my etched cuffs (and then used the sanding blocks to smooth the curve).

Next batch I’m going to cut the ends first so I keep that nice finished pucker from the etching bath on all sides. Live and learn.

Has anyone seen the straight-edge metal shears? Last time I saw them they were on that cool magnet bar from IKEA…and now they are nowhere to be found.

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