And the New Recipe Begins…Bead Soup

All around cyberspace about 360 creative souls are in the first stages of Lori Anderson’s newest Bead Soup Blog Party exchange. And that includes me. The administration of such an event (nearly twice the size of the one last spring) boggles the mind, so kudos, hats off, awesome karma, and general “you go, girl!” props to Lori.

I got an email about my partner this round and I’m pretty sure I squealed. My partner is Jennifer Geldard, whose work I’ve admired for years. I am the proud owner of one of her very cool bird pendants (you can see a few here on Etsy), as well as a gorgeous purple bracelet that I snagged at a bead weekend a few years back where she was the guest instructor.  360+ participants in this exchange and I got someone I’ve actually had the pleasure to spend time with! Awesome! And she turned me on to her amazing Roasted Tomatoes…a staple around our house all year long.

Yeah, I know, I’m babbling. 🙂 Can’t wait to see what ingredients she sends me…and I’m working on what assortment of goodies to send her way too. Stay tuned!

Check out Jen’s Facebook Page, too!


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