TTOTW: Magnetic Tool Bar

Better late than never…(note to self: be very careful moving the dust out of the computer…it seems to serve a useful purpose!)

Today’s “Tuesday Tool of the Week” is a handy dandy under-$10 find from IKEA!

I confess to being a slow-adopter of IKEA Love. I did not see the need to be one of the masses fighting for parking spaces miles from the actual store. And the floor plan inside of being “trapped” and having to follow the trail in and around to get out when I maybe needed one item and wanted to find the registers…that didn’t appeal to me either.

However, over the years, I guess I’ve mellowed. The low prices and reasonbly well-made products sucked me in (and the ginger snaps…). I’ve found numerous items for show displays and office/studio accessories. One of the latest is the cool, metal bar in the photo above. It’s a magnetic metal knife rack. and it fits on the end of my bench like it was born there!  Installed in minutes and freed up precious countertop space. And only $8.99! Deal-a-rama!

And, I just discovered these cool, colored plastic ones! Might be an IKEA trip in my future…


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