Motivation on a Summer Day (or any day)

Designing jewelry is something I kind of fell into. It was a way to hang onto a shred of sanity during an incredibly difficult time several years ago. It relaxed me. And then people wanted to buy what I made (which meant I could buy more beads and silver and pearls…without feeling too guilty!) and that was satisfying as well as motivating. Sometimes.

But real life gets in the way more times than not and things don’t happen at a pace that you would like. I’ve always worked best under pressure…deadline-driven is how my other business has to operate and I’m much more productive when there are hard deadlines. Like many artists, though, the thrill of having someone want your work is often as motivational as the monetary result. It pushes me to step out of my box more and reach for new ideas. However, sales of jewelry aren’t exactly “needs” in the economic scheme of things, so when sales are slow, the motivation to create new things slows for me as well. It should work the opposite and I’m working to change that mindset.

I am someone who has to be busy…if I’m watching TV, I’m doing something else too. Just the way I’m wired. I like learning new things and taking on new projects. Working with metal is one of those areas…fueled in part by the insane price of sterling silver and the general slow recovery of my jewelry sales. It took me a while to warm up to using copper and brass, but it’s been one of those “move out of your comfort zone” things that takes me into color schemes I might not be drawn to and it’s been a lot of fun.

BHB caps etched copper brassI haven’t yet found a market for all the copper and brass Joolz, so I moved into creating metal components and have been selling them to lampwork beadmakers and other jewelry designers. I’ve been really happy with the success of Metal Me This in the last few months.

It’s been a huge amount of work to list regularly and attract a new customer base. And my nails may never recover from stains and metalworking (LOL…think of the money I’m saving on manicures!) I’ve got loads of ideas and have had special requests come in and all of that, along with regular sales is great motivation…for everything but new Joolz. Oh, I’ve got ideas there, and once I have a few new tools that I need to implement the ideas, I’m sure the motivation and creativity will come together.

In the meantime, I’m contemplating shows and whether to pursue some with the metal and bead caps. But that’s for another post.


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