New Batch of Bead Soup Brewing

So, after yesterday’s not so scintillating post on international insurance (LOL), how about a head’s up on Lori Anderson’s amazingly popular Bead Soup Party! That’s right, sign-ups for the next one are right around the corner!

This is a wildly popular bead exchange that results in amazing jewelry and blog hopping that goes on for days. And Lori’s got a book in the works all about Bead Soup! Yay, Lori!

Sign-ups start August 1st and end August 3.

Beads get sent out to partners by August 17.

Blog reveals and Blog Hop starts Sept 17.

You can find details on Lori’s blog but here are some specifics:

Once you have your partner, choose a focal bead and a special clasp along with some coordinating beads. You do NOT have to send an entire necklace or bracelet kit.  The idea is you will use the focal and the clasp, and if you wish, some of the coordinating beads, incorporating beads from your own stash.  The idea is to help you think outside the box and work outside your normal comfort zone, pushing you into creative directions you may never have gone.

You ONLY have to use the focal and the clasp,
(although using some of the coordinating beads is encouraged). 

Here are a couple of photos of my last three entries:


  It’s a lot of fun and you find out a lot about people/blogs you never new existed!


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