Shipping Part Two: Across the Pond(s)

So the dust has settled and most packages are probably arriving at their destinations, hopefully bringing smiles and inspiration to their owners.

I’ve always shipped internationally, not in high volume or high value usually, and never had a package go astray (knock on wood…I’ve read numerous stories of just that over the years). I thought that there wasn’t really a way to insure or track a package sent internationally unless it was mailed at a very high premium (sometimes higher than the value of the item), but once again I was wrong and it was “friends to the rescue!”

I was happy to have a large custom order from a new customer in the UK but a little concerned about how to insure it. My trusty FB chat window was open and Deanna got quizzed again. She turned me on to this site and for about $3, instant peace of mind!

*I know this isn’t a very scintillating blog post but it’s as much to capture the website so I don’t have to ask Deanna again! Shhhh….


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