New Digital Jewelry Magazine

I love my beading/jewelry/metalwork books and magazines…I love sitting in my comfy chaise and flipping through them, folding over pages I want to check online and admiring the glossy goodness.

And, my “other” job is a self-employed book designer*, working with page layout and cover design for all sorts of publishers and authors. Can’t even guess how many books I’ve typeset/designed in the last 20 years, but it’s got to be approaching 1000, if not more.

(*the website is a dinosaur…most of my clients are longstanding or referrals, but this may be the year that the site gets converted to a blogstyle site)

So, it’s with mixed feelings that I post about ebooks and emagazines. I’ve expanded my business to convert clients’ books (fiction for now) to epubs and I’ve crossed over to reading fiction almost exclusively on my Nook. From the business side, I have to…but there’s nothing like a new non-fiction book or a heavily illustrated magazine.

Having said that, Interweave has released some new digital magazines and one of them is called Everyday Bracelets. I got a complimentary copy because I have a bracelet featured in the Gallery section. And I’m looking forward to perusing the full magazine this weekend…even if it is at my computer!

It will be interesting to see how the experience compares to paper and since they have tablet versions coming, it might be the push I need to get an iPad or Galaxy (business expense, you know!)

Here’s a photo of the bracelet that is in the gallery:

I am doublechecking but I’m pretty sure the beads are by Carolyn Driver (Blue Heeler Glass) several years ago. They are part of a huge set that I finally wrapped my head around breaking up for this design.

You can purchase the magazine (or others like it) HERE.


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