The Down Side of a Sale

OK, seriously, there is no down side to a good sale and I had a good 2-day sale.  🙂

But, packing it all up to ship out was a little daunting. I’ve had sales before and shipped out multiple packages before, but usually single items. So, no biggie. Find the earrings, box the earrings, mail the earrings.

Shipping out twenty packages of multiple metal components was a little daunting at first. I had things sorted and packaged by quantity so pulling the little baggies wasn’t a big deal (other than I did it all at once). And it didn’t phase me to find I had 3 of one item or 7 of another instead of 4 and 8 like I needed. It was the thought of addressing those packages! Time to enter the real world of online selling: Paypal shipping.

I knew it was there, I just never bothered with it for the 2 or 3 packages that went out at the same time. Don’t ask why. I despise waiting in line at the PO and use the automated machine 97% of the time. I just try to pick off-peak times to mail international packages. So faced with handwriting that is awful at best (numb, tingly fingers…a recurring theme in my blog you’ll find), I caught my friend, Deanna, on Facebook Chat and asked a few (shut it, Deanna, it was no more than a dozen!) questions and went on my way.

While pretty easy to use, Paypal shipping was not without it’s annoyances to me. I learned my existing workflow and it’s system didn’t really jive (system timeout). I also learned that while you can reprint labels, you have to do them one at a time (I now know another place to set the scale percent for my printer) and I won’t make that mistake again because reprinting 20 labels defeated the purpose of speedy shipping labels!

And there’s a nifty “VOID” feature I got to use since I printed postage for  a custom order that won’t ship until this Saturday. All good learning experiences, right? And nice professional looking packages. I was a little sad that there was no place for my nifty Metal Me This color labels, though.

Next up: Insuring International Packages…Who Knew?


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