Renovations under way…

Welcome to the updated blog…there’ve been some changes and probably will be more. Change is good, right? (The graphic designer in me can already see I need to make my header image more transparent…it never ends!)

So what’s been going on?

  • Reconfiguring the office/studio for more metalwork…new tools and work areas and a nice shiny red stool! This isn’t a current photo but it will do until daylight. The shelf organizer is now on the left wall and a guillotine cutter is on the right end of the bench. I’ve got plans for a second smaller bench in an “L section” once I figure out what to do with some of the stuff behind the current configuration.


  • Started making and selling original etched metal sheets and bead caps
  • Lots of work on the new Etsy store: Metal Me This
  • Created a new Facebook Page for “Metal Me This
  • A Joolz by Lisa project will be published in WireWork Magazine next month
  • My friend (and awesome beadmaker) Deanna Chase is publishing her first book this month and I worked with her on the layout and cover. Great to incorporate about 4 combined aspects of our lives together! Look for Haunted on Bourbon Street this month!

So does all this focus on metal components mean the end of Joolz by Lisa?

  • Not even close! Just working within the challenges of the economy while expanding my interests and skills. Look for some new Joolz in the coming weeks.

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