Bead Soup Unveiled!

It’s Bead Soup time again…nearly 100 participants this round, so Lori Anderson (Head Soup Stirrer) has us unveiling our results over the next 8 days. Each day a few more blogs will be revealed at Bead Soup Central so let’s get started!

I ended up in the first grouping (probably a good thing as I get distracted from time to time and both the blogging and the Joolz fall by the wayside. These Bead Soup exchanges are great for a couple reasons: I never like to let anyone else down by missing a deadline and receiving a random set of beads and a toggle really helps stretch my creative wings!

Here’s the teaser shot from yesterday. You can see the personality in this darling fish!

My partner this round is Maria Grimes (Garden Path Beads). Maria has been making beads and jewelry for awhile…I’ve lost many sets of her beads to other Ebay bidders over the years! I did mess up and forget to take a picture of the beads and toggle that she sent me, but you’ll see from the pictures, that her glass beads are whimsical and fun, bright colors and themed…this time around the ocean.

I received this cute green and aqua fish, an orange starfish, and several matching beads along with this hammered toggle clasp. I added Hill Tribe silver beads, also in a seaside theme…a turtle, some fish, crabs, and seashells wired to sterling silver spacer rings.  The bracelet is bright, full of whimsy, and jingles too. Thanks, Maria, for choosing these beads for me. I hope you like what I came up with. 🙂


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