Didn’t take long for me to get off track, did it?

I’m in show prep mode for my departure next Thursday to Knoxville, TN. My second year participating in ArtXtravaganza at the Webb School. Three full days this year, so Shawn and I are hoping for big crowds of shoppers. And snow-free weather! If you are in the area, stop by sometime. The show will be Friday-Sunday, March 12-14.

I’ve been working on lower price point items…lots of earrings, bookmarks, interchangeable earrings, re-engineered bracelets, corded pendants…since the show is a fundraiser, I want to have plenty of items that encourage buying!

Here’s a quick shot of the Interchangeable earrings I’ve been working on. I display each pair of charm/drops on one sterling silver hoop…pick out two drops and you have a set of hoops, plus two sets of charms: interchange them for two different earring looks.

Back to the salt mines for me…between lists for the show, ongoing book projects, and life in general, it’s going to be a hectic couple of weeks! I’m looking forward to both the show and to a few days of R&R with Angie and Vern in Crossville.


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