Mardi Gras in the Desert

I am headed to North Scottsdale for Mardi Gras & Casino Night to benefit The Melonhead Foundation. I’m one of a handful of vendors who will be selling items and donating a portion of sales to the foundation.

It should be a great event and the weather is cooperating very nicely. We’ll be on the patio under cover, but just outside. Supposed to be in the mid-70s today, so the evening will be mild.

Through the years, I’ve supported the Melonhead Foundation by donating a portion of sales from my Joolz (especially the Melonhead themed Joolz) to help their mission of providing financial assistance for familes going through pediatric cancer treatments. I’m also a trustee on the Melonhead Foundation Board and the founder, Deb Leone, is a dear friend.

Here are a few pics of available and previously sold Melonhead Joolz. Be sure to check  the foundation’s newly updated website too!


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