Tucson Bead Shows 2010

I spent yesterday in Tucson looking at all sorts of beady goodness! And as luck would have it, my camera was malfunctioning so I have no actual proof!

Here’s a pic from last year to set the mood. Love the Hill Tribe silver!

The trip started at the Whole Bead show. I checked out Saki Silver and Niki Passenier (she’s working on a website!). Stopped by the main ballroom and drooled over all of Andrea Guarino’s new work. Simply wonderful! Unfortunately my camera wasn’t cooperating at all, so no pics. I did find a few things on a couple friends’ shopping lists (spending their money is almost as much fun as spending mine).

Then I moved on to the Best Bead Show! It always a lot of fun to match online personas with the “real thing”. This time I had great fun matching faces to FB faces. Talked to Patty Lakinsmith and her booth partner…some amazing collaborating going on there! Got to see Kimberly Affleck’s new take on her stunning seahorses…she took something that was already beautiful and took it a step further!

Talked to JC Herrell and got to see her HUGE Rainbow beads/necklace as well as all her other creative work. Met Melanie Moertel and saw her beads in person…photos are great, but WOW, in person…they are even more beautiful. I wandered around the main inside exhibit area and lusted after lots of treasures. I’ve been testing out ring forms for Burgard Studios for a couple years and talked with Greg about some new concepts, so I’m excited to work with them in the coming months.

I was good (it was difficult) and bypassed the huge room of all things seed bead…Instead I found Anne Mitchell and continue to be amazed at all the wonderful silver work she does. I moved on to the Tents and headed to the Chase Designs booth to give big hugs to Deanna and Greg. Great looking booth with a selection of their work–both make impressive marbles and Greg had lots of parrot bead scultures that I hadn’t seen before. Even though I already have some of Deanna’s signature peacock beads, seeing the other color combinations had me salivating. I also got to see some of Ali Vandegrift’s beads.

A couple big wholesale shows opened yesterday so traffic was a bit light at BB. That made for relaxing visits and roaming around with Deanna. I know I wouldn’t have had a lot of the one on one time with people this weekend. Got to see Harold Cooney’s incredible beads. They take your breath away! I really wanted to splurge on one of the huge flat disks or a huge hollow, but I had to pass that up. Next year! We chatted with Lori Greenberg and I met Rashan Omari Jones “in person”. The show closed at 6 and I headed to Deanna’s hotel for a quiet dinner.

Wish I could have stayed longer and that the camera had worked.! I’m sure I forgot many names of other talented people I talked with that I’ll remember later. Last year a friend and I hit 4 shows in one day and that was fun, but hectic. Having the time to spend several hours in one venue was nice. I’m saving my spare change starting now, so I can do my part to support the bead/marble community next year.

Oh and the drive home always seems so much longer than the drive down!


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