Soup’s On! Bead Soup!

The earthy may have tilted off it’s access with 3 bloggings this week from me. I’m sure it will be righted next week.

Many of you know I work at home (book designer), my husband travels extensively (I thought he was in Irvine CA for 2 days this week, but he was actually in New Orleans…), and my daughter is a Junior in high school (she tends to converse with me when she needs something 🙂 )…so a great deal of my social interactions are online. I’m working on the computer most days/some nights and I multi-task quite well.

Where the heck is she going with this?

I frequently laugh out loud at some of my beady friends forum posts. Where the word “bean” or “bed” should be in a post, more often than not it is typed as “bead”.

Beads are on the brain for many of us. We make them, buy them, design with them, sell them, love them. Which brings me to “Bead Soup”. Google comes up with 144,000 hits for that phrase. Generally it means a mixture of beads that color coordinate or have some other attribute in common. I have a couple bracelets that I’ve used “Bead Soup” as a descriptive title they were often leftovers, or beads that ended up together at the perfect moment in the design process. In this instance, Bead Soup is an online activity coordinated by Lori Anderson. I mentioned it in an earlier post this week.

I received my “soup” yesterday and can’t wait to come up with a cool piece of jewelry. I’m leaning toward a necklace. Look at the colors in these beads! I’ve got some resin pieces that may work into the design, seed beads, fiber…who knows where I’ll end up heading.

My Soup partner is Linda Lawrence of Bella Bead Jewelry and I’m as excited to see what she’s cooked up with the Bead Soup I sent to her.

All will be revealed February 10th so make a note to check in that date (as well as in between).


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