Spring Flew the Coop…Good News for the Pool

Another brief Spring in Arizona has left the building…we had our first 100-degree day Tuesday (102) or maybe it was Monday. I’ve forgotten already as it will just be the first of possibly 100 more. The local news media will keep track for us and by late August the novelty will have long worn off!  I’m more interested in the warmer evenings as that means the pool water will heat up and stay that way. I rarely partake of our pool before late May, but I remember days early in my marriage. Hot summer days when the A/C had been left at 88 to conserve power and dollars because we were both gone working all day. We’d get home, set the A/C to 78, change into suits, grab a beer or wine cooler, and hang out in the pool until the inside cooled down.

Now, I work at home (and have full-time since 1995), and sadly, last year I bet I took advantage of the pool about 3 times during the week all season. Life gets in the way and the glare of the sun just really doesn’t work with a laptop! Hopefully I can change that record this year and make it out there more like 3 times a week for a splash and some water exercise.  That will mean swimsuit shopping, which doesn’t phase me as much this year…it’s still not my favorite thing to do, but at least my old suits are too big now instead of the other way around!

Speaking of water, I had a chance to cruise around Tempe Town Lake last Friday evening with a group of women as part of an annual Girls’ Night Out that I helped plan this year. Much of the event falls under “What Happens in C.A.R.E., Stays in C.A.R.E” but I can share this lovely shot of the lights off the water that evening.



3 responses to “Spring Flew the Coop…Good News for the Pool

  • Deb Batten

    You are looking absolutely fabulous Lisa!
    What a great photo – the lights reflecting of the lake are wonderful!

    I hope you do spend many days both by & in the pool – what a fabulous option to have! I love swimming & it is one of the best all body exercises – but there is no way I’ll get into a costume in public, so I kind of envy you having a pool.

  • mallory

    Wow! We have been waiting so long for warmer days. They are finally here, too. I hope that your extreme heat goes away and leaves you only in the glow of warm summer air, the pool, and a great margaritta!

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