Ornament Thursday: Celadon

ornamentbanner150Whoa…where did the time go? I’m chasing myself and nearly missed Ornament Thursday. But never fear, I’ve got a Joolz pendant that seems to fit the theme for this month: Celadon (pale green) just perfectly.

If you want some history on “Celadon” (primarily the ceramic glaze finish and its origins) check this Wikipedia link…fascinating stuff!

“Celadon” just sounds cool and calming to me (can you hear me chanting “celadonceladonceladon” as I furiously type this blog entry). I’d love to have a nice flat bead in this shade…to keep by my desk and use as a ‘worry stone’. But for now, thiswill have to do.

I looked around and found my interpretation of the color in this pendant:


Glass button shaped lampwork beads in the palest of green (in this case also from a vintage glass that has the finest bubbles throughout) that certainly looks like “Celadon” to me! The beads were made by Susan Sheehan and I’ve combinded them with various Hill Tribe silver beads to create this pendant.

Here’s what a few of the OT gang came up with. Check back as we are likely to update links tomorrow too.

Celadon Dreamer
Michelle Zimmeman creates a dreamer box from one of her molds and Helen Bradley grabs another for her jewelry project.

Embellished Ear Wires
Lynn Kvigne of Beading Help Web shows you how to create these embellished ear wires in spring colors (like Celedon!)

Farm Girl Roots, City Girl Style: Celadon

Strands of Beads
Melissa creates a simple necklace from a slab of chysoprase


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