ArtXtravaganza Time!

I’ve been scrambling for a week to tie up loose ends, finish jewelry, get show gear ready and generally the stuff busy women need to do to get out of town for a few days.

Tomorrow I’m headed to Knoxville, TN for several days to exhibit in the Webb School’s annual ArtXtravaganza Show. It’s this weekend, March 6-7 at the school if you are in the area. Stop by…as you can see there are some fabulous artists!

I’ll be exhibiting with my friend Shawn (well, we are both in the show with separate exhibits) and staying with her sister. After the show closes on Saturday night, I’m on my way to Crossville for a few more days of relaxing with bead friends at Casa Ramey. I am so looking forward to a stress-free few days…no drama, no work (well, less work), no worries. Especially after busy days on my feet at the show.

When I get back I’ll focus on loading any extra Joolz on Etsy and also get going with my destashing of excess beads. I’ve not had time to focus on those with the prep for the show and an influx in book design projects. “It’s good to be busy.”

I’ve also got a stash of Melonhead beads from various generous beadmakers and I have lots of ideas for them. It is such a blessing to have their support for my Melonhead Joolz. Once I have them made up, I’ll post pics and links and more personal thanks.

One of those generous beadmakers, Lori Greenberg, surprised the daylights out of me last week…first with a gorgeous set of Melonhead watermelon themed beads (pics later) and second when she emailed me that I won her drawing for FREE BEADS! Talk about walking on air. I’ll have those beads when I get back home, but be sure to check out Lori’s site for some of her amazing work!

See ya later…still have to pack and sort and such.


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