TIME, Time, time…look what’s become of me…

There’s your earworm for the day…take the Bangles version or the Simon & Garfunkle version…in any event I need more time!

For blogging, for jewelry, for me.

Well, I have been working on #2 and #3. Indulge me and keep checking for #1.

Here’s some of what I’ve been up to.


An excessive amount of earrings! A jumble of Joolz.

Here’s a little more organized look:


Why so many? I’m headed to Knoxville, TN very early (like “o’dark-thirty) on March 4th for a weekend art show at the Webb School. Check the link for some of the fabulous artists that are exhibiting Thursday through Saturday at this well-known school fundraiser. I’m one of a handful of jewelry designers chosen to exhibit along with this fabululous artwork.

So I’ve been working on earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, accessories…you name it. If you can put a bead on it, I’ve got it. I started earlier than usual for me. The slowdown in my other business made that part easy. Good thing because the phenomenon (as yet unnamed by me) of work showing up in an inverse proportion to the amount of time you have left before a trip has occurred this week. So my Joolz time is this weekend and that may be it before I leave. There’s still packing for the show (my first long distance one, so I’ve got to be on my game with prepping) and finishing up book projects. Plus my parents are coming in this week for some golfing (we are projected to have mid- to high-70s all week). They are great houseguests but you can’t ignore the fact that there are two extra people in the house when I’m used to no one there during most of the day!

So, I’m in “super productive use of time” mode. I really do much better when I have too much on my plate..perverse reality.

After the show, I’ll be back to more regular blog updates (I promise!) and if you are in the Knoxville area, be sure to stop by the show and say “Hi!”

I’ll leave you with a few other pics:





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