Tucson-Bound for Beads

I’m headed for a full day of economy stimulation in Tucson. Well, that’s the plan. I hope I don’t get cold feet about spending money. I really need pearls and Hill Tribe silver (no, really I do!) as well as to stock up on some of the fabulous deals with other vendors. My big show in Knoxville is coming up and I want to “wow” them with some spectacular new Joolz.

My friend Deb and I are heading out early and starting at the “new/old” To Bead True Blue show on the south end of town as it closes at noon! We’ll head to Best Bead then to visit with talented lampwork artists and check out other staples of the trade and then possibly over to Tucson Electric Park for some textured hammers. After that, it’s Whole Bead on the north end of town as that show runs late Friday night. I’ve got a list of at least 8 “must see” vendors there.  And it’s on the way home. Hope Deb is up for a long day!

Lampwork and silver and pearls, Oh MY!


Actually, the pearls might have to wait for a return trip on Sunday or Monday…I have a favorite vendor at the Holidome and there’s no way to do all those shows in one day.

Wish us luck and sunshine! Don’t forget to sign up for the OWOH giveaway too.


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