Decisions, Decisions

Almost halfway through January and not a post! Not an admirable start…I’ll try to pick up the pace!

Getting back on track after a 12-day trip to Colorado has taken more time. Work has picked up (thankfully!) so I’ve been trying to accommodate client schedules. 

I’m also working on building stock for my next show at the Webb School in Knoxville in March. Details on that soon.

And my hands are giving me fits with a major CTS flareup so I’m dealing with that…lovely when you use your hands for absolutely everything!

But the “decisions” are also tough, though I don’t expect much sympathy on this. I’m working on a humongous order from Fire Mountain Gems using my BeadStar gift certificate. I’ve added and subtracted and added items several times to come up with the perfect order (and not go too far over my GC!). Can’t wait to finish that and get everything in. Talk about a shopping extravaganza. I’ll take a pic of my haul when it arrives. 🙂

It’s time to start thinking about the Tucson bead shows, too. I was looking over my Hill Tribe silver stash and it’s a little low in some areas (don’t give me that look, Deanna!) And the pearls are looking a little lonely too!

I’ll leave you with a rushed picture of some rings made over the holidays.



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