Where Did You Get All Those Hearts?

First, thank you for all the well wishes on my Bead Star contest win. I’ve had comments, emails, calls and I’m grateful for all the support and excitement from everyone over my Hearts Galore necklace.

hearts-galoreI’ve had a few questions on the hearts I used. Details are in the new BeadStar magazine (I’m still trying to find a copy here!). No, they are not PMC…I’d love to get into that medium some day but not right now. No, it really isn’t as heavy as it looks, though it is a substantial necklace. I used Karen Hill Tribe silver hearts that I found in Tucson at the gem shows. My favorite Hill Tribe silver suppliers are Niki Passenier (Niki exhibits at the Whole Bead Show in Tucson), Somerset Silver, and Ands Silver. And I have a hard time passing up Hill Tribe hearts! Ask my friend, Deanna (who quickly become an enabler last February!).

I’ve got plans to make some variations of the winning Hearts necklace in bracelets and shorter necklaces for my Etsy shop…just a matter of finding time in the rush of the holidays. And, I’m looking forward to heading to Tucson again in February to stock up on more hearts and silver!

Time to get the dining room set up for my impromptu shopping open house the next few days!

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