Holiday Tree Trimming Ideas #1

teague-ornamentOrnament Thursday is going to start up with a vengeance every Thursday in December so I’m scrambling to come up with some new ideas. In the meantime I’ve been looking at what some of  my online friends are doing with ornaments in their Etsy shops.

I’ve been looking at this beauty for awhile. It’s handmade by my online friend, Teague, in her glass studio located in Eugene, Oregon. I love the shape and and the bubbling effect in the glass. The stars and the lovely shade of blue just make it a keepsake piece.

The other thing I like is Teague’s suggestion for gifts like this beyond the obvious tree ornament. She says:

“Glass friendship balls have been given between friends and families for centuries. Traditionally they are hung in your windows year round, as a reminder of the sparkle and joy friends bring into your life. Give one to your friend today and feel free to display them year-round.”

What a great sentiment!

And if you are looking to decorate a tree, she’s got such a great variety of handmade ornaments to choose from.


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