One of My Favorite Things: RAOJK

Time for a blog header change so I snapped a pic of one of my favorite bracelets. That’s right! One of MY favorite bracelets. I have some special pieces that I keep without any intention of selling. This is one of them. All chunky lampwork beads from Jane Kolb (Biaggia Beads)…and a few Hill Tribe silver bead caps. Jane gave me these beads a few years ago at the Gathering where I first met many of my beadmaker friends “live”. I was admiring them and she said they were extras that didn’t seem to go together…(“them’s fightin’ words” to a jewelry designer!) She gave them to me and this bracelet was born. I love the off shade of yellow green with the pink, no to mention the designs. I wear it several times a week!

I have other favorites and in the last  year I’ve let go of them by gifting them to special friends. In the glass world there’s a phrase “RAOGK” (Random Act of Glass Kindness) where people surprise others with glass or beads or other such goodies, just for the good feeling it brings. I came up with the name “RAOJK” (J=Jewelry) mid-way through the year. Some of the pieces were up for sale at one time and for whatever reason just didn’t appeal to the buying masses, but I had kept notes in my head whenever one of my friends would comment on a piece or mention favorite colors. Some picked out pieces when they visited and others just came home to an unexpected package.

Rather than keep them in a drawer, it was more fun to send them on their way to a new home where I knew they’d be appreciated (that’s where the RAOJK comes in)! It’s been almost a year of that and I need to check my list as there are a few more people on it and I don’t want to miss anyone; I wasn’t really keeping track…it just kind of started happening. A few of them don’t wear jewelry much, so they got sculptures or marbles (easier to keep anonymous! My jewelry style is fairly identifiable to my close friends!). I’m trying to come up with something different for the next year…and I know my list of receivers will grow! Everyone loves surprises!


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