Loser with a Capital “L”

9 days without an update? And I couldn’t even find a photo with the “L” on a forehead….

Life is majorly in the way right now. I’ve been sick and it’s probably stress-related as I can’t seem to shake it. No appetite (which contrary to what you might think, doesn’t help in weight loss as much as you might hope…though I am losing!). Work (or lack of it), kid, dog…it all takes a toll. And we STILL have temps in the mid-90s! Ugh…I love this place and it’s great climate but c’mon…it’s practically November. I’m tired of seeing people in shorts. 🙂

I owe two people a “tag back” on a fun blogging activity and will try to get to it this weekend. I hate not following through. So Lori and Marybeth…I haven’t forgotten!

Back to the crises du jour…and who ever thought giving HS kids access to computers and email in a class was a good idea! I’ve been having an argument with my daughter via emails for the last 15 minutes…and she assures me she won’t be in a cheery mood when she gets home. Lovely!

Send some good sales vibes my way tomorrow…I’m supposed to be at GirlsNightOut in Tucson providing the car is not acting up, the dog stays comfortable, the daughter is reasonable, and clients cooperate…

Last thought…tomorrow is Ornament Thursday. I may or may not have a project up the way it’s going and I may not get all the links up before I leave. So you can check the main site for all the great projects for October!


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