Fall Floral Pick-Me-Up

It’s been a rough week.

Business is way off after months of being extremely busy. I usually have lots of projects in the works or coming up…tough to schedule with any regularity, but that’s the nature of the game. In late August, things started drying up. Cancelled projects, delayed projects. And this was before all the economic meltdown and I’ve been scrambling unsuccessfully to fill the void. Add the decline in sales in an already soft market for mid-range jewelry and I actually have time to clean my house (oh joy!).

Mix the situation with our greyhound, Rose, who has had an even rougher week and the distress it has on a volatile teen girl, along with a few other things that don’t belong in a blog….well, it hasn’t been pretty.

But,  yesterday I got a wonderful, unexpected pick-me-up in the form of these beautiful fall flowers. A client sent them to thank me for a favor I did last month on a kind of off-the-wall project. The flowers couldn’t have come at a better time. I’d gotten a taste of fall last weekend with breezy, mid-70s weather and it was heavenly. And it disappeared leaving mid-90s in its wake. So being able to enjoy the fall colors and flowers with a southwest flavor of some peppers is a blessing this week.

And things will get better. They have to.

Thanks, Barry!


One response to “Fall Floral Pick-Me-Up

  • Deb Batten

    Lisa – it always amazes me how these things seem to come along just when we need them the most, & fills me with happiness & hope when I see that a kind gesture has uplifted the spiruts of someone who needed it at that point. Kind of gives me faith in humanity again – if you know what I mean.

    I’ve been thinking about Rose & wondering how she is doing.

    Hang in there with your beautiful jewelry creations – things will get better, as you said ‘they have to’.

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