Crash Hot Potatoes

There’s a recipe for “Crash Potatoes” running rampant in a bead and jewelry forum that I frequent. The recipe originates from The Pioneer Woman blog and it’s been interesting to read the variations that people have come up with in the last few days. I’m certain there are grocery stores wondering about the run on red potatoes too! Potatoes fall into that “comfort food” category and we can all use a little comfort these days!

I’ve not had a chance to make them yet…waiting for my husband to return from a business trip, so maybe this weekend. He’s a potato fiend (given the chance) having grown up on potatoes in Ireland and while his favorite style is “plain, old boiled in the skins with butter”, he’s also open to just about any recipe that can dress up a potato (or 6).

A little roasted garlic and perhaps a dab of crumbled bleu cheese would be terrific in the Crash Potatoes, too, don’t you think? I’ll snap a picture this weekend but in the meantime, check out the recipe at The Pioneer Woman blog and see what you think.


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