Holiday Jewelry/Joolz?

Last year I wrote something about holiday jewelry and how I didn’t do a lot of it for a couple of reasons mostly related to cost of my Joolz and length of time most people wear very seasonal jewelry (though if you look at the stores, you wouldn’t be out of line thinking you could bring out the December holiday jewelry now! I’m still waiting for the temps to drop below 95 here).

I haven’t talked specifically with my favorite beadmakers about their plans for making holiday-themed beads, but I know based on the economic conditions, I’m not in the market for much along that line this year. In fact, I was thinking the other day that I have a handful of bracelets and a couple of necklaces in reds/greens that are due for an overhaul. I’m going to take them apart and see what new direction they take. (OK…I know that is exactly what I said I was going to do last year…and never got around to…I seem to remember a saying about “roads to somewhere paved with good intentions…”)

I have a show coming up the end of the month in Tucson (Girls Night Out) so that will be my incentive to rework a few of the holiday pieces. It’s been a nice show for me with repeat customers.

This set remains one of my favorites and I’m about to list it on Etsy. It is very non-traditional holiday jewelry (as in year-round wearability really!). Beads by Melissa Vess. Maybe it will strike someone’s fancy there!


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