Hooked on Wire, Year 2

A whole week without a word? Shame on me….It’s been a busy week after being gone through Monday at Hooked on Wire in Burlingame. What a great long weekend though. Susan Kazarian of The Beading Frenzy and Lisa Niven Kelly put on a great event! We missed Lisa this year and hope she’s feeling better.

I finished one bracelet, one pendant, some chain samples and part of another cuff bracelet. Not too shabby considering the complexity of the pieces. I’m still fighting with my new magnifier though…it will be great when I get the lens combo working right!

Here’s the Day One project, a LNK pendant that was overseen by Lisa Claxton, another great jewelry artist and instructor. She challenged us to think outside the design…sadly, I had a headache that a little more coffee would have cured, had I thought of it. AND I didn’t realize I had Half Hard wire instead of Dead Soft for the tiny wraps….so frustrated was I…figured I shouldn’t stray too far from the instructions given my other “limitations”. My next one will have a lampwork focal.

The next project was a Barb Switzer project, a hinged, domed bracelet using teeny, tiny 3mm and 4mm pearls. I managed to finish it (but for a couple of jump rings that I missed connecting hinged sections) and it turned out quite nice! Again, I want to figure how to put my Joolz spin on it, but that will come. Barb is a great instructor and genuinely nice person too!

Wish you could see the dome effect…the pearls and briolettes are wired on top of other ones that form the base. A close-up shot would reveal my wire flaws though, so not on this one! 🙂

OK…ETA: You have to see it closer to see the 28g wire!

I also took a chain-making class from Iris Sandkuhler and will post a pic when I finish a chain. It was a lot of fun though. And I have to finish a cuff bracelet project from Dallas Lovett. You can see it on the bottom right corner of his site (Etruscan Bracelet). If  you are familiar with his work, the projects are complex, multi-day ones!

I met lots of lovely women (and a few men) who are all wire addicts too. Looking forward to next year already! I’d recommend all of the instructors, so check out their class schedules—most teach at the major bead shows throughout the year and they have projects available on Beaducation.com as well!


2 responses to “Hooked on Wire, Year 2

  • Mallory Hoffman

    Lisa, Your work is absolutely stunning! What a great way to spend the weekend!

  • Deb Batten

    Lisa – all of that work is absolutely outstanding! You have great taste & a style that are so superbly elegant & always seem to impart a timeless graciousness to me!

    I love all of those pieces – absolutely gorgeous :o)

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