Good Enough to Eat!

Hmmm…I love lightly scented body creams and lotions and my friend, Alex Mironov, has opened a new Etsy shop featuring some heavenly products at very reasonable prices!

Take this one: Chocolate Vanilla Body Butter…

Omigosh, I joked with her that it smelled so good I was tempted to add it to my coffee. But I stopped myself and instead, rubbed it on my arms for a quick aromatherapy “pick-me-up” at my desk.

She’s got years of experience formulating lotions and potions and she’s started off her shop with some great products with clear explanations of ingredients and a lot of customization of scents. Another friend needs tree-nut free products and Alex had several created and listed within a few days.

If you prefer fragrance-free, she’s got that too. And lightning fast shipping. Add a special going on right now: “Buy two or more products and get an eye cream as a bonus” and it’s hard to resist. The eye cream is wonderful.

There’s enough bad news out there on the economy, I thought I’d spread some good news…Alex’s products provide a practically guilt-free way to feel good. (No calories either!).

Stop by and tell her Lisa sent you!


3 responses to “Good Enough to Eat!

  • Deb Batten

    Oh dear – everywhere I look I become ‘enabled’ -lol!

    They sound like absolutely dreamy products, & they are so reasonably priced!!!. Of course the shipping here will be dreadful – but I wonder if I asked Alex nicely if she would send some of the Lip Balms internationally (something it is very difficult to get decent ones of here).

  • Alex Mironov

    Thank you Lisa for the kind words! I so glad you liked my products, I’ve had such fun creating them.

    Deb, I would be happy to send you some lip balms, they’re very easy to ship, even internationally.


  • joolzbylisa

    I should have titled it “Enabler Alert”

    I bet she would be more than happy to do that, Deb.

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