The Waiting Game

I am not good at waiting. I was fairly certain I knew that, but this last week has confirmed it. And waiting for bad news is the worst. 😦

Meet Rose. “Antonia Rose” as she was known for a brief racing career. She’s our beloved pet and my office foot warmer. I said awhile ago that I would blog about Rose. I wish I had done that sooner. She’s a beautiful blue brindle, former racer, rescued greyhound who came into our lives not quite 8 years ago.

A month ago, Rose started limping off and on. She’s 10 1/2 so at first I thought “arthritis” or maybe she got underfoot and got her paw smooshed a bit. But 2 weekends ago it was so painful to watch her hobble on that bad leg. I had a flash of insight telling me “it was not going to be good” and I got her in to our local vet. Xrays found icky stuff around her shoulder with Valley Fever or bone cancer as likely culprits. We were shocked, foolishly thinking we’d have our precious Rose for 3 or 4 more years as greyhounds reach 13 or 14 regularly. We’d rescued her from the track life when she was not quite 3. She took to “retired” life like the champion she never really was on the track. A true couch potato who never got the whole couch thing. The floor is fine. Near one of us.

A biopsy was required to rule out cancer. After a long week of waiting and hoping that because the biopsy was tricky to do, we would be lucky and have a Valley Fever diagnosis. Instead we have our answer. And it is not good news. Osteosarcoma with a 90% chance that it has spread to lungs and lymph nodes. And all the more difficult to accept because the last couple of days, Rose has been frisky and active without much limp at all. And now we have to quell the activity for fear of her breaking a leg. And we wait some more. Til Tuesday anyway, when a chest Xray will determine what options we have.

She’s had a wonderful life and brought such calm and joy to our family. It’s selfish to want more, but we do. Dogs love unconditionally and this week, even in pain, Rose nuzzled and snuggled more than usual as if to comfort me. True love.


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