Worlds Collide: Revisited

I thought you’d like to see the bracelet I designed around the handmade beads from my trip to Louisiana a month or so ago. My second lampwork lesson resulted in these organic nuggets (a style that lent itself well to my awkward movements and limited time!)

My desire was to keep it simple and let the beads be the focus (as is my style, I guess, in designing most of the Joolz that feature lampwork beads). Creamy, smooth coin pearls in a lovely shade of aqua seemed to go as did the clean lines of the Hill Tribe silver…no silver bead the same as another so as not to make my nuggets feel uncomfortable with their odd shapes! The quirky little spirals showed up for the doubletake effect and heck if I can remember where I got them! I’ve got 2 left, perhaps for earrings though I am fresh out of matching lampwork beads.

I’m pleased with the result for now…though I may restring it and lose the pearl by the closure for a little more snug fit. That’s the beauty of making my own jewelry. I can start over any time!


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