Olympic Rings or Earrings!

Go for the earrings!

I’ve been an earring making machine this week…26 pair made, photographed and nearly all listed on Etsy…I’ve got 5 pair held to list over the weekend and 4 pair sold already (Thanks Angie, Jodie, and Sue).

Earrings give me fits to stage and photograph. And the light has been dicey early in the morning this week. Here’s a “group shot” of everyone playing nicely together.

Making earrings does a few of things for me…1) helps me to feel creative in relatively short commitments of time, 2) provides a quick influx of inventory, 3) helps me think outside the box, and 4) gave me something to do while watching hours of late night Olympics coverage!

Here’s a few of favorites from this batch…All are either on Etsy or destined for there this weekend.


One response to “Olympic Rings or Earrings!

  • Deb

    wow Lisa – you certainly have been busy. They are all fabulous & only you could make a “plain earring jane” like me, lust for the fancier variety ;o)

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