Beads, Beads, Beads! (plus a few marbles and an alien or two)

It’s a “Glass Menagerie”! All my favorite things (OK, those of you who know me, know that it really isn’t ALL, but it is a pretty great selection!).

I just got this great handmade bead display from Fire -n- Sand on Etsy…and now it sits just to the left of my monitor filled with glassy treasure purchased, won or gifted from artists around the world. And surrounded by my marble collection too!

Before today, some of these lovelies were on the acrylic “stuff collector” and most were in trays behind my monitor…I could pull them out to look at, but it wasn’t easy. I’ve been looking for something to display them and nothing quite worked…either too large or too expensive or just not quite right. Now when I need a moment to drift away and relax, I can just look  over at some of my favorites beads and sculptures. I can recall how I got them, what show I was at or what friend I was with. I can reorganize them if I choose (though my alien friends only fit on top row, so they might end up with their own home). In time some are destined for jewelry for me and some will sit as they are, needing no further adornment.

I’m already looking around to see where I can place another one…the only possible choice right now would replace my business phone…hmmm…probably not a good idea, but tempting!

What other ideas do you have for displaying your favorite beads?


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