Worlds Collide: News at 11

OK, not really but it sure sounded clever.

I am getting back into the swing of working after 5 days in Independence, LA with my friends, Deanna and Greg Chase (and their dog Disney). A couple of those days were travel so we’ll skip over that part. The rest of total relaxation. I left the laptop at home, never checked email or voicemail, and only occasionally checked online forums.

(Aren’t these beads pretty? You’ll have to keep reading for the scoop on them)

Deanna and I had a mini-university with jewelry and beadmaking on the agenda. I taught her how to make treasure bracelets (while reminding her that I was self-taught so she couldn’t hold me responsible). I’m not sure I converted her to the time-intensive bracelets, but she did a great job on her first one! Her blog recounts some of our starts and stops on its progression. I worked on finishing one for an exchange and starting another. As soon as I finish them I have some interesting ideas percolating with some interesting beads that Deanna made for me while I was there.

Here’s the bracelet Deanna put together. Isn’t it great? Told her she was a natural. Greg was a little concerned that we actually spent 7 or 8 hours working on them over the course of 2 days. But it gave him time to heap attenion on my little dog, Nash, who made the trip to LA with me (somewhat less expensive to travel than to board him!).

We had some amazing sushi and I now feel comfortable enough to head to a sushi restaurant myself and be able to order something delicious. (thanks to the Chases and my friend Misha)

Still wondering about the beads? I made them! With a great deal of help from Deanna and a tecnnique shared by another beady friend, Shawn. I have wrist problems and my last lampwork lesson (also from Deanna) was 14 months ago at Bead Camp. Using wrist supports clearly had a huge impact on my ability to shape beads. So we opted this lesson for more “organic” shapes. Greg pointed out that “organic” in glass usually refers to colors; however, I thought I was quite within bounds to call my wonky, less than perfectly shaped beads “organic.” As in  rock-shaped! The glass was a gorgeous teal/aqua shade and I rolled them in silver foil, (I mistakenly said “silver leaf”…what do I know?) then drizzled clear glass over and burned off the rest of the silver. That’s the short story anyway. Shawn taught Deanna that technique and Deanna taught me.

By my 4th and 5th bead, I was “getting” it again; though I don’t think any of my favorite beadmakers have to worry about me supplying myself with beads anytime soon. I enjoyed my lesson and it reminds me of how impressed I am with this medium and the artists who create in it. My talented bead friends were quick with praise for my efforts and I appreciate them looking beyond the quirks in them.

I’ve got plans for a bracelet with these beads…I’ll post the result when I’m finished. Suffice it to say,  you’ll never see it listed for sale!


7 responses to “Worlds Collide: News at 11

  • DChase

    Maybe I’ll keep the beads in question…LOL. J/K Though it’s silver foil, not leaf. Leaf is much thinner an harder to work with in my opinion, so I don’t even have any. 😀

    I have plans fr another bracelet…Maybe we’ll see it in about a month.

  • Deb

    Lisa – you made a fabulous job of those lovely beads! I have to be honest & say my favourites (& the only ones I have made into jewelry for myself) are all of my early burnt, wonky & decidedly odd beads….in vaugely similar colours -lol!

    It sounds like you had a fabulous time with Deanna – what a wonderful subject to be able to blog about.

    Deanna – that’s a great job you did on your first treasure bracelet – but I think you have an awesome teacher – Lisa’s bracelets are TDF!!

  • joolzbylisa

    See Deanna…I have a lot to learn! Thanks for setting the record straight. 🙂 And it NEVER occurred to me that I might not see those beads! (where is the 😯 smiley?) 🙂

    Thanks Deb! Feel free to come for a visit and we’ll come up with blog topics all over the place!

  • DChase

    Definitely Deb! Lisa’s bracelets are TDF, I agree. She was a great teacher. 🙂

    LOL Lisa, it’s not like I really told you the technical terms. More like, do this, do that. I need to work on that. 🙂

  • Deb

    Beautiful beads, I love looking at all the pretty things you make!

    (sending a link to DH for wishlist!)

    Cheers! Deb

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