Remember when you could fly the “friendly skies”?

Not anymore…what a hassle (and I’ve not even left for my trip yet!)

My daughter was flying her first “alone” flight to visit grandparents in Colorado Springs today. “Alone” as in not an “unaccompanied minor” where you pay for the privilege of making sure she arrives in the right  hands at the other end. But 15 is the cutoff so she was going on her own today. It’s a direct, barely 90 minute flight…how hard can that be? Apparently very hard!!! We arrive at least 90 minutes early (as directed) and get checked in. I am allowed to go down to the gate with her (THANK GOODNESS AS IT TURNS OUT!).

We get through security with no problems and then go in search of bandaids for the blisters from the brand new shoes that I didn’t realize she hadn’t worn yet in the 3 weeks she’s had them. Apply said bandaid and immediately rub them off while walking to the gate, buy more $2 bandaids and try again. See flipflops in the news shop and abandon bandaids in favor of $13 flipflops that look much like $3 Old Navy flipflops…but whatever. She can walk without help again.

We now notice that the 8:45 departure says 9:20 and think “hmmm”. Make a couple of calls to CSprings to inform the grandparents. An announcement indicates that “a crew member” is coming in on another flight and is delayed so we wait. At 8:45 an announcement tells us the plane with the crew member is in visual sight and boarding of the Colorado flight will begin soon. 9:10 boarding begins because the crew member’s plane has landed…at 9:30 everyone is on the plane, doors are closed and so I head home to finish up a list of things before my flight tomorrow.

Fast forward to 10am. I’m home (we live about 12 minutes from the airport when the traffic is moving)…phone rings and it is my daughter….still waiting on the “crew member” who, as we all have figured out, is the pilot. More calls made to update all involved and to rant to my husband as this is his airline of choice. At 10:30 I call my daughter’s cell and she says the story is now that the pilot didn’t realize he had another flight and had proceeded to leave the airport…he was on his way back so they could take off…(they should have been landing in Colorado in another 8 minutes!!!!).

The plane appears to be airborne with an arrival time in about 20 minutes. So much for an easy maiden voyage for my daughter! 🙂

Oh and I got charged an extra $4 for parking because of the flight delay! The silver lining is that she was not flying as an UAM…I would have had to stay there til the plane was actually airborne!


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