Marbles = Beads – Holes

If you’ve followed my blog for any period of time, you know I make jewelry primarily with handmade glass lampwork beads. I like to think I’m a connoisseur of sorts also, with a collection of very special beads that are my personal stash.

I’ve also got a small, but growing collection of marbles that I LOVE! Some really special florals from Eugene Rain that I’ll showcase in another blog down the road. For today, I want to point you toward the creations of Greg and Deanna Chase, glassy friends of mine who make their home in Independence, LA (where I’m headed next Thursday for a few days of R&R!).

Deanna makes beads (except when she makes marbles)…

This is a stunning floral marble with sparkling dichroic glass swirled inside…Like her floral beads, but no hole!

Look for a new feature next month, where I feature some of the beadmakers who create the beads in my Joolz! For now, enjoy the other art created by Deanna and Greg.





 …and Greg makes marbles (except when he makes beads)!

I love Greg’s floral marbles: they feature some amazing murrine* that he creates himself. But he has several series that appeal to a variety of tastes in round glass objects with no hole.

*From Wikipedia: “Murrine are small cross cut sections of glass, often featuring a pattern or design, used in the creation of a larger glass work. They are formed by bundling and fusing colored glass rods together, then pulling the hot glass to a very small diameter. These canes of glass are then cut into wafers, each piece bearing the original pattern in miniature; a technique that dates back thousands of years.”


You can read all about their journey HERE but be sure to read all the way to the end to find a great offer on Greg and Deanna’s marbles from their Etsy store.

This one is from Greg’s “New Orleans” series, inspired by their new location.

Be sure to look at all the marbles in their store…you’ll be amazed at the details in these inch and a half or so wonders!

Oh, and don’t forget to “heart” them in Etsy!


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